Monday, October 03, 2005

Instructional Site Persona:
student; 10 year old; female
Little to none computer skills
No computer in the home
Low income household
B Average student
Limited teacher-student-parent communication (Shy student and non-involved family)

student; 13 year old; male
“Net-navy” and computer experienced
Computer in the home with internet access
(all family members experienced with computer use)
Upper-lower class household
B average student
Personal interest in history and warplay

student; 11 year old; male
Average computer skills- word processing, mainly gaming
Computer in home with internet access (webgames)
Middle-lower class household
Low reader with C-D averages
Low motivation and low interest in school

Strategy Document/Professional Site:

The site objectives are: 1.To provide access to administration and other educational professional concerned with educational programing and new technology to be effectively used to enhance students learning and assist in development of lessons in effort to help meet standards in the classroom.

The user needs for the professional site are: 1. Must effectively communicate and demonstrate the skills and technology I have learned throughout my instruction. 2. must be easily understood and navagated smoothly between sections (pages) 3. Must contain information that shows growth in professional career.

Professional Site Persona:
“Mr. Onion”
teacher; 30s; Male
Computers used as reference tools to education (word processing and internet skill)
Computers used at home for preparation of lessons
Lower-middle class background
Attends Graduate classes in Administration
Interests include reading and seeking novel ways to enhance his classroom and current job.

“Ms. Pickles”
Associate Professor; 40s; female
Strong background in technology
Works part-time as media specialist for large school district
Computers used frequently for personal/everyday operations.
Middle class background
Teaches grad classes in Instructional Technology
Interests include “playing with new tech gadgets” and using cutting edge techniques in
web development

“Professor Olive”
Dean of Education Department; 50-60s; male
Computers used for a variety of educational and professional purposes
Oversees and evaluates education professionals
Upper-middle class background
Advises grad and undergrad students in education
Looks for “standards-driven” work in student projects.

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