Monday, October 10, 2005

Chapter 5: The Structure Plane

Everything in this chapter makes sense, but depending on your purpose and background, you will need or apply more or less of this to your web development. For instance, I teach 5th grade, and my site will be read by 5th graders...from what I’ve noticed on the blogs, I’m pretty much out there on my own. If you don’t speech 5th gradeze, you won’t get the site. Same is true with me trying to find purpose in some of the other sites. Our profiles fit our sites, not our classmates, so those "thesauruses" that we use will be very different. In addition, I’ve never worked on anything that I didn’t take from a top down approach...that’s the way I function, so in my mind, that’s the only way to look at this site. I did like the idea of the Matrix structure and if I had more job...all the resources in the world....oh,....and I got paid extra..........

I’m beginning to feel like the reading should have been assigned weeks before I got to were I am now...I’m not really good at changing things once I really get going and like what I’m doing. Most of the information in this chapter seemed very "common sense". Like we don’t already know that the site must have repetitive or common features/language to help it move smoothly? Anyone who uses the web on a regular basis can figure this out. I really felt like most of this chapter was old news, and repetitive.