Monday, October 24, 2005

Work Day 10/17
During the week I had downloaded the free trial of was a three steps forward, two steps back work time. I kept "losing" my pages because older pages I had created and thought that I had deleted, kept returning and replacing my new pages. I'm really happy with the framework and skeleton features of my web page but am spending a TON of my time working on the own fault... because I've moved to a new position, this unit hasn't and won't be taught by me until I must research, read, and reinvent the wheel...but most importantly, I can find "free" resources to use on my site so I am creating my own. UGGGHH! Now I am working on the "My Journey" section because it is not research but lesson and is a bit easier to work on. I have 19 more days of my freeware then I will be going CRAZY!