Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WEBSTYLE GUIDE online Insights:

I just finished reading the webstyle guide...I liked it in general...some parts dull and did not address concerns in the K-12 educational field in regards to webdesign for students and classrooms.

Items I might add to or change about my IT 486 website:
  • My name as creator of the site along with the publication date of the site.
  • An input section instead of a link at the bottom of the page...maybe...maybe just move the link.
  • I'd love to know how to make a PRINT VERSION button and how this would work...this would be great for those students who work on the computers in the city library. If you know...I'm leaving the COMMENTS section up on this post....I want to know how! Link me to resources if you need to! (I've been working in Dreamweaver.)
  • Adding state learning standards...they are my "planning partners" afterall!
  • Linking my developed instructional site to my classroom homepage PRIOR to use to get some "unsolicited" input.

What I liked about the webstyle site:
  • The watchfire link was interesting....it could come in handy down the road!
  • Chapter 4 was the most beneficial....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Recent Work:

Well, I'm on cruisin' mode...I've figured out the lesson for the design phase of my site and I published the "Your Journey" section...I'm pretty happy with it. I took a suggestion from one of the other students and decided how to include any teachers in the process...(Teacher Tips) I really would like these to be "popable" but I can't figure it out in dreamweaver. I only have 10 more days to publish using my free trial so I'll be speeding along in the next week! I must finish! (Otherwise, Melissa, I've gotta come to the lab!)

My focus now is on completing the "facts" sections. The most difficult part is finding resources I can use that are copywrite free...ugh!