Thursday, April 02, 2015

It's April -- a tribute to e.e.cummings

It’s April
and i don’t write poetry
any more
  by Juliann L. Caveny

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After the whirlwind month of March (in which I read and devoured hundreds of picture books in quest of dozens that would become my mentor text for writing--ReFoReMo) I have entered April with yet another picture book in my hands to review and savor. This narrative nonfiction biography, enormous SMALLNESS by Matthew Burgess, was published in March 2015!

enormous SMALLNESS
is a book 
about e.e.cummings,
my writing idol,
my mental-mentor,
my favorite poet
in the whole

I ordered this book
it's bought and paid for
it is 

I read it
and reread it.
and hugged it
many times
and will again


Why? you ask.
You don’t write poetry.

i don’t write

any more
than i don’t write
picture books.

but I wrote
three picture books

last March
& one poem