Monday, October 10, 2005

Chapter 6: The Skeleton Plane

I think that so far, this has been the chapter that fits me best! I had created a "wireframe" two weeks ago and have been primarily working on it verses working online. I like the comfort and security of messing up on paper as compared to messing up online. I took advantage of a copier and made many copies of my basic "wireframe" so that each page has that consistency. Like the author suggests, Wayfinding, has been a tool I have been using. Color has been my main "Wayfinding" tool. Because my site is about quilts of the past, I will eventually be adding prints to correlate with the color scheme used to "tie" the pages together. The idea of having too much metaphor is hard for me though. I can see where this would become confusing, but I really like metaphors! My new goal...incorporate a drop down? I can see where it would/could be used...if it fits in my plans, I’ll try it!
This chapter was much better about the business stuff! Educational sites have such different purposes...the book doesn’t really address audience as well as it should. (Chapter 3 discussed it but hasn’t really applied it’s results). I’ve been really critical of the sites I go to lately, and I’ve noticed that what the students find as useful, I have no need for...I can’t wait to test drive a more complete site with my students!