Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chapter 3: (E. of U. E.) The Strategy Plane

Pros: This chapter just validified many ideas I had been working around in my "plan". Such as: I have already had a few students in my classroom comment on the surface and skeleton layers and we've talked about the usability. I've asked them about sites that they like...and what really catches their attention. There are about 5 students with slightly different "personas" that I can get reliable information from, so I plan to use them more! Also, there are some students from previous years who I have planned to "test drive" the site once more info has been posted.
I also want to put a counter on the different aspects of my site (which pages are more valuable?) and wish I could find the way to measure how often the links (which links?) are being utilized.

Strategy Document:

The site objectives are: 1: to inform students of the roles home arts (then utilitarian) had in the travels and "journeys" (changes in lifestyle and living) of both early pioneers to the west and the slaves following the underground railroad 2: to guide the students as they produce their own "journey" quilts and writings.

The user needs that I've identified so far are: 1: readability and clarity (must fit the reading levels of my students) 2: ease in transition from information segments to activity portions 3: must not be sole means of aquiring information to formulate product (less than 1/2 my students have computers that have internet access for their use at home) but instead offer guidance, information, and support for growth and expansion of knowledge beyond the classroom.

Cons: O.K., the business end is really bugging me...I am constantly changing words in the text to fit my needs (the "Juli" Thesarus).

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