Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chapter 2: (E. of U. E.): Meet the Elements (by Jesse J. Garrett)

Pros: Even in my beginning "web" lessons for students, I’ve discussed with them the underlining structure of a website and how important the planning is. But, I really love the visual for this chapter! I’m essentially a visual learner so the entire presentation of the website visual, from introducing the icons to the follow up in different domains really appeals to me. Again, I find this useful...only one suggestion:

Cons: I need an empty! I now am going to have to create a "worksheet" for myself based on this visual so that I can plan and build my site of line (again, a visual learner...must work on paper first!) If I read on to the end of this text and find out that Garrett has created a template on his website that I can easily download and print multiple copies out for my convenience, I’m going to be upset...So, until then, I’ll be working on my paper planner.