Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chapter 1: Elements of User Experience: User Experience and Why It Matters (by Jesse J. Garrett)

Pros: I really like the analogy of the day's really helped put the whole "User End" thing in perspective. I think I could use this analogy to help others at my school make better web sites. As part of our school's tech plan, teachers should make and use web sites. We primarily use "" as our form, but still, a lot of the teachers have confusing sites...something to think about.

Also, I'm already thinking how this "new" perspective can help me build my site for the "assignment". My beginnings are humble, but not usable, definitely not "user-friendly" yet...I'll be bringing up this again and again as I redesign my site.

Cons: I hope that somewhere in this book the writer addresses educational sites. I am not composing for a "business" nor do I want to "sell" anything...o.k. I want students to use successfully, and as he(Garrett) suggests, to make them not feel stupid trying to use my site. But still, I'm tired of the business-end language used in this book already.