Friday, July 23, 2010

BLOG Posts and Purposes for Writing

The past day or so I have given a lot of thought to the purposes and uses of my blog site. First and foremost, it is a personal space for me to write on a regular basis, about my fictions, nonfictions, and random streaks of brilliance. Yet a blog is more than a personal writing space. It's a space to be shared.

As I started re-formulating my blog, I kept returning to my number 2 job in my life--teaching. (Number 1--my family.) Deep in my subconscious, or perhaps not even that deep, lies the truth that I write BECAUSE I teach. My motto is “lead by example”. Without writing in my life, I find it hard to lead my students to be at their own personal bests. Thus, another purpose for my blog is as an educational outlet. I hope to create a place where my students and I can meet, throw around some ideas, and in the end, all become better writers.

A fellow writer in my critique group brought up the point that a blog isn't really "out-there" unless you place it somewhere so that it can be found. With that in mind, I've decided to share. If this blog space isn't your cup of tea (say, you are a friend, but not a writer; a parent of a child, but the child writes, you don't) then I ask only this: share the site with someone who might use it. I envision other writers and maybe teachers who share blogs with their students (or who would like ideas on how to share the writing tips with their classrooms). Welcome to my blog! (Perhaps there is even someone out in cyberland with a thing for reading blogs that have the word “PUDDLE” in the title! If so, then welcome to you too!) The point being, even though I had patted my back for writing on a "blog" for a week, if the writing isn't shared, then just who is it for? (Yep--I'm thinking deep today.)

I do know this: I stop reading a blog after three-five days of nothing new to read. Fear not my friends! With only the wind at my back and nothing blocking my way, I will promise to blog each or every-other day!

Again, WELCOME readers and pass it on!

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