Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IDEAS from a Rainbow

As we were driving home from a vacation today, the sun peaked over the horizon enough to allow its rays to pass through a smattering of rain. I’ve always loved science, and the physics of nature’s prism--a rainbow--is truly fascinating. For almost five minutes the rainbow was full and contained all the required colors in an artist’s palette: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. But then, the clouds and moisture floated south, and the sun began to dip a bit more on the Western horizon. Bit by bit the colors tore apart and melted back into the sky.

I couldn't help but think of all the things that I could write about rainbows. From the simple acrostic style poem to the personal moments I've had in the presence of rainbows. My family is a Stargate family and the comparison between a stargate and a rainbow is all too easy. Even Dorothy went OVER the rainbow, so why not through the rainbow, under the rainbow or past the rainbow into another dimension?

Then there is always the folksy pot-of-gold story. Leprechauns and all. Irish heritage helps here; however, I'm not sure that I've ever trusted the red-bearded wee-ones. Images of Lucky on the cereal box jump to the forefront of my mind. But if I need a character, this could be the place to start.

While I’m making connections, unicorns and rainbows naturally go together. Growing up in the 80s, I've always like unicorns and the combination of the two creates images of peacefulness and dreams.

One simple image out of a day, in this case, my rainbow, can open many doors in my writing. Tonight I’ll try one out.

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