Sunday, February 07, 2016

Whew. It's been a while....
Welcome back! 
As part of my writing goals for 2016, I have great plans in store to update and revitalize my blog/website. Until then, enjoy this short story I have written as an entry in Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny Writing Contest:

Juliann L. Caveny
Word count: 213

Reggie Rat twitched his nose. It was Valentine’s Day!
“Hurry,” his mother called, “you’ll miss the bus!”
Reggie grabbed a large bag and raced out the door.

His friends, Doogie Dagu and Henry Hamster sat near the front.
“Sorry, Reggie. There’s no room.” Henry pointed at the decorated boxes.
Reggie scanned the rows. Gertie Guinea sat alone.

“Sorry.” Gertie sniffled. “Allergies.”
Reggie didn’t want allergies! He sat the bag between them.

In the classroom, the students chittered. Everyone was excited!
Reggie placed his bag near the other treats. The party didn’t start until noon.
He slumped into his seat and waited.

“Party time!” Ms. Vole’s whiskers twitched.
Students grabbed their treats.
Reggie looked at his bag. It was dirty and dingy. He slid it into a corner.
            Henry brought sugar cookies.
Doogie handed out chocolate hearts.
Marty Mouse made cream-cheese cupcakes. 
Treats towered on desks.

Reggie glanced around the room.
Gertie sat in front with not one cookie, cupcake or candy. Tears welled in her eyes.
Reggie tiptoed closer.
            “Allergies?” he asked.
She nodded. “Mold, hay and…” she sniffled, “gluten!”
Reggie scurried away and returned with his bag. Seeds spilled out.
He scooped a handful onto Gertie’s desk.
“NUTS!” She beamed.

Reggie smiled.

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Pam said...

OH my this is so cute. So much good stuff in such a limited word count. Good, good job. Happy I stopped by to read your delicious story.