Sunday, August 15, 2010

PERSONAL WRITING: And Here I am Again...

“Wake up,” a voice tells me.

It's hazy in the room. A dim light filters through the venetian blinds but I am not convinced. I've played this game before.

“Wake up,” it insists.

I twist and turn, pulling myself upright. My head is heavy; my eyes, weak. Deep crinkles created new ridges in my cheek overnight.

“Get up!” I’m ordered.

I stand. My feet buzz with this new arrangement. My ankles pop and crack. Slowly, I inch across the room to my dresser. But then, I stop.

"It's a dream," I tell myself. I turned around to look at the empty bed. Only bed sheets and pillows remain.

"You would see yourself sleeping in a dream," the voice explains.

"But wouldn't that be so typical of me to attempt a deception in a dream?" I nod. "Yes..."

I slink back around to my side of the bed and slip under the still-warm covers. Air fills my nostrils and calms me. It's clean and clear. My eyes close, my head becomes heavy, I feel the entire weight of my body imprinting ever-so-lightly on the firm mattress.

"Dream..." I coax myself. "Just a dream…" I'm convinced.

Seconds, minutes. I sink deep into the peacefulness of slumber.

Beep, beep, beep, beep..."No," I whisper. Beep, beep, BEEP... "No!"

I was wrong. Summer is over.

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